Support Documentation

  1. Employee Time Punch
  2. Activate Employee Time Punch with a License Code
  3. Network Version: Install on Multiple Computers
  4. Set the Administrator PIN Code
  5. Insert License Key
  6. Move the Database
  7. Connect to an Existing Database
  8. Turn Time Clock Rounding On
  9. Turn Time Clock Rounding Off
  10. Turn Daily Overtime On
  11. Turn Daily Overtime Off
  12. Turn Weekly Overtime Off
  13. Turn Weekly Overtime On
  14. Add a New Job
  15. Edit a Job
  16. Delete a Job
  17. Add a New Work Group
  18. Edit a Work Group
  19. Delete a Work Group
  20. Add a New Pay Type
  21. Edit a Pay Type
  22. Delete a Pay Type
  23. Clock In
  24. Clock Out
  25. Add a New Employee
  26. Edit an Employee
  27. Delete an Employee
  28. Add a New Time Entry
  29. Edit a Time Entry
  30. Delete a Time Entry
  31. Employee Time Detail Report
  32. Employee Time/Pay Detail Report
  33. Employee Time/Pay Detail by Work Group and Job Report
  34. Employee Time/Pay Summary Report
  35. Employee List Report
  36. Job/Time Pay Summary Report
  37. Export Data to Excel